Faverani: Wowed to be playing for Celtics

The folks at CelticsSpa -- a Spanish language Celtics fan site -- got a chance to interview recently signed center Vitor Faverani. A few highlights from the interview (the whole thing, which is translated to English, can be read HERE):

CS: How were the workouts with the Celtics and what were your impressions while you were doing them?

VF: Of all the teams I worked out for, Boston was the one that convinced me more of the possibility of playing there. And it was because of the way they treated me. I was used of the way people treat you in Spain: they talk to you, they are kind, they are smiling, they make jokes all the time...and in Boston I felt home right away. They greeted me and from the first moment there is someone in the organization, Austin, that talked to me in Spanish. We were talking for a while and then they treated me as if I was already playing for them. We did the medical check up and I started thinking that it wasn't normal that they were treating me so well. It was unbelievable. As for the workout itself it was great. It was very unstressful. There were several coaches watching me practice, but there wasn't any pressure at all in it. I didn't feel like I had to score the ball because they treated me so well that it was impossible to miss a shot, you see? I was joking all the time with one of the coaches about this and they made me feel comfortable and at home all the time.

CS: The Celtics said that you made a very good impression in your workouts and the fact that you convinced them too after that experience. When did you know that you had agreed to play with the Celtics and what was your reaction?

VF: I didn't know about it until right at the last moment. All the rumors that surfaced and everything that was told in the media...at that moment I had nothing with them yet. I had told my agent not to tell me anything about the possibility of signing with a good team unless there was a clear chance to do it because i didn't want to get dissapointed if it finally didn't happen. So I told them to call me when literally there is a contract on the table and I will sign it. So basically I knew about the chance to be a Celtic when they sent me the contract. I had to actually read it to check if it was real or not.

CS: I have to ask you, do you know Fab Melo, the other Brazilian player in the team?

VF: Yes, I had the chance to meet him when i was doing the workout in Boston because he was there. Before that I hadn't met in person. Obviously I had heard of him being a Celtic and playing for them. He is a very young player, very big. We are represented by the same agents. We didn't have the chance to play together in the brief time I spent in Boston but we will have the chance soon to know each other better very soon.

Hop HERE to read the full interview on CelticsSpa.