Pierce hints he'll skip preseason visit

Former Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce hinted Thursday that he will attempt to avoid an exhibition matchup at TD Garden when the Brooklyn Nets visit on Oct. 23 and instead wait until a regular-season meeting in the new calendar year to make an emotional return to Boston.

"I'll [return to Boston] just one time next year," said Pierce, suggesting he'll wait for a Jan. 26 visit.

Appearing on ESPN Radio in New York on Thursday, Pierce also noted that he's finally getting comfortable with his new team after 15 seasons in Boston. The Celtics traded Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry to the Nets in July in exchange for a package that includes three future first-round draft picks.

"I'm really settling in nicely and just embracing the change and looking forward to it," said Pierce.

He added: "I don't have to use anything to motivate me, a trade or anything like that, for me to say I want to win a championship. I've only got so many more years left in my career, so ultimately the goal is to try to win another one or two, as many as I can before I retire. That's the motivation right there."

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For more from Pierce, check out this SLAM Magazine Q&A, which includes Pierce on Boston's decision to rebuild:

"Well, I know the insides with everything that’s going on," Pierce told SLAM. "A lot of stuff got blown out of proportion because of the media, but Doc has always said he didn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding situation. I’ve always stated that the past four or five years. After the season, the owners decided they wanted to go in that direction. It made Doc look like he was quitting but at the same time it was mutual—everything was mutual at the end. The trade, Doc leaving. I didn’t want to be a part of rebuilding; Kevin didn’t want to be a part of rebuilding; Doc didn’t want to be part of rebuilding. I think it was all mutual. We’ve done so much for the franchise that they wanted to help on our end. So Doc went to L.A., and they sent us to Brooklyn for a chance to win a championship. That’s pretty much the way it was. Nothing more, nothing less."

Information from ESPN New York's Mike Mazzeo was used.