Faverani: Rondo chatter is 'amazing'

Our friends at CelticsSpa -- a Spanish language Celtics fan site -- got another chance to interview new Boston center Vitor Faverani. Hop HERE for a glimpse from the first interview, or HERE for the most recent.

One highlight from the latest interview, which the site has roughly translated to English from a podcast, is from a question posed to Faverani about developing chemistry with point guard Rajon Rondo:

VF: Well, I have not had the opportunity to work with him because he is recovering from his knee injury. I had a first contact, not with the head coach [Brad Stevens] but with his top assistant, who is training me and was with Rondo this week. Every time they talk about Rondo [it] is amazing, spotting his pick-and-roll play. I love setting screens, you can ask my former teammates, because they stopped me last year because it was almost hurting them. So if he is the player I believe he is, we will get along very well. He loves sharing the ball and has incredible passing skills, and I love setting screens to free him, so that he can decide to finish with a shot or a pass. It is up to him.

There's a lot of good stuff in there about Faverani's new jersey number (38), his early workouts with Boston, and his transition to the United States. Hop HERE to read more on CelticsSpa.