Assist/turnover ratio in focus

After spotlighting the play of rookie point guard Phil Pressey earlier, here's a look at Boston's leaders in assist/turnover ratio this preseason:

2.86 - Courtney Lee (20 assists, 7 turnovers)

2.18 - Phil Pressey (24, 11)

2.11 - Gerald Wallace (19, 9)

1.50 - Jordan Crawford (18, 12); Brandon Bass (12,8)

1.43 - Avery Bradley (20, 14)

* Analysis: Lee posted a career-high turnover percentage last season (13 percent), so it's an encouraging sign to see him drive down the giveaways at the start of the 2013-14 campaign ... Likewise, Wallace's turnover percentage (16.9) ballooned last season, but he's shown the ability to get others involved in the past ... Bradley has acknowledged that he needs to make the simple passes and not look for the home run while filling Rondo's shoes ... Whoddathunk we'd see the man nicknamed no-pass Bass on this list.