Insider: Sully at No. 4 in Sophomore 20

Over at ESPN Insider, David Thorpe examines the top sophomores from the 2012 draft class and Boston's Jared Sullinger, picked at No. 21, lands at No. 4, just below the so-called "Big Three" of that draft (Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, and Damian Lillard).

Here's a snippet from Thorpe on Sullinger: "Sullinger isn't great at any one thing yet (he's just 21), but he's good or very good at a lot of things. He can hurt defenses in the post or out on the floor as a shooter. He is a beast on the offensive glass. And he plays with strength and a high basketball IQ. His potential would grow a great deal if he can change his body a la Kevin Love."

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