Olynyk: Ankle getting better each day

BOSTON -- Boston Celtics rookie forward/center Kelly Olynyk said his sprained right ankle is improving, but he doesn't have a timeline for a return, is wearing a walking boot whenever able, and hasn't been able to do basketball-related activities on the court since the injury.

Olynyk sprained his right ankle in last Friday's loss to the Indiana Pacers. Celtics coach Brad Stevens suggested a two-week absence that would put him on pace to be back on the floor for next Friday's visit from the Denver Nuggets.

"I just have to keep working on it, keep trying to improve it," said Olynyk. "Make sure you’re ready to go, and can help the team. You don’t want to be out there injured, or a detriment."

Olynyk appeared in Boston's first 14 games, including six starts, while averaging 7.5 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.6 assists over 22.6 minutes per game. He missed his fourth straight game during Friday's visit from the Cleveland Cavaliers and admits it's not easy being a spectator. He watched Friday's game from the Boston bench (accessorizing his suit with a walking boot).

"It sucks. Simple as that," said Olynyk. "Every player wants to play. You want to be able to help your team. That’s what you love to do. Basically not being able to, it’s tough."

Olynyk has struggled with his shot early in his freshman season, shooting just 38.9 percent overall and 18.2 percent beyond the 3-point arc. Being out does afford him the chance to see the NBA game from a different perspective, but he is itching to get back on the court.

"[The ankle is] getting better every day," said Olynyk. "It’s definitely trending in the right direction."