Celtics follow his lead

On Sunday we told you about Brad Stevens and his no-cartwheel reaction to Boston's lopsided win over the New York Knicks. Here's some reaction from Stevens' players about how his even-keeled approach is rubbing off on them that we couldn't cram into the story:

  • JARED SULLINGER: "I respect him for that. As a coach, you can’t really get too high off of wins like this because we turn around and play another good team in Brooklyn [on Tuesday] and so we’ve just got to be prepared to win. You can’t get complacent. We’re trying to just stay on top of the Atlantic Division."

  • BRANDON BASS: "Coach, day in and day out, he shows great poise. I think it’s rubbing off on me and I think it’s rubbing off on the rest of the guys."

  • JEFF GREEN: "We’re not content with where we are at. There’s still some things we can get better at. We’re following [Stevens'] lead. That’s our leader and he knows that there’s still some things we need to work on. He’s not content, and neither are we."

  • AVERY BRADLEY: "Even when we were up [Stevens stayed on Boston to keep pushing]. The Knicks are a very good team and we still felt like they had a chance to come back and he told us, 'stay focused on the bench and pay attention to the game. We want to continue to keep talking to our teammates and continue to improve and the game wasn’t over until the buzzer went off."