Insider: C's among top overachievers

ESPN Insider examines the teams that are outperforming expectations after two months of the 2013-14 season and the Celtics check in at No. 5 (on pace fore 34 after SCHOENE projections pegged them at 28).

A snippet from Kevin Pelton: "When schedule is factored in, they've performed no better than the Sacramento Kings, who are 14th in the West at 8-18, and nobody would be considering an unexpected playoff run if Boston was in the other conference. Still, the Celtics have overachieved, especially considering that those projections factored in Rajon Rondo returning at some point. Without their star point guard, Boston has stayed competitive thanks to Brad Stevens molding an above-average defense out of a team lacking size and shot-blocking in the frontcourt."

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