Stevens hopes for less crazy 2014

Wire Images: AP, Getty, USA Today

Just a glimpse of the Year of Brad in 2013.As we bid farewell to calendar year 2013, Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens was asked recently to reflect on what a life-altering, whirlwind journey the past 12 months have been (and especially the last six).

"I hope [2014] is not nearly as crazy," Stevens said with a smile. "At the end of the day, it was a terrific experience, moving and coming to Boston, getting a chance to be here and coach the Celtics. But I'm looking forward to being in one place.

"It's funny because [his wife] Tracy was going back through -- she makes a book of pictures at the end of each year -- and, boy, it has been a wild ride for us. We’re really blessed, we’re really thankful. But we like things a little bit more low key than that, normally."

As for a New Year's resolution, Stevens noted he could eat better, but figures there's no reason to wait until today to change a bad habit.

"I have this weird belief that, if you think you should change something, you should just change it before the day," said Stevens. "I don’t know if it’s correct or not... It’s kind of a personal thing."