Pregame: Guess what day it is

It's Hump Day.

Boston Celtics forward/center Kris Humphries made his first start of the 2013-14 season Wednesday against the Los Angeles Clippers, shuffling onto the first unit in place of Jared Sullinger.

Humphries sat out Tuesday's loss in Denver with a left ankle injury, but he's healthy enough to go against Los Angeles and coach Brad Stevens thrust him into the starting five, likely in hopes of getting a jolt of energy and effort that this team has sorely lacked lately.

Asked before Wednesday's game what changing the starting lineup could do for his team, Stevens replied, "I hope we play better. Yeah, I hope we play better."

He added, "I think it’s an interesting dynamic. We had outstanding starts for a couple of weeks, and we haven’t started quite as well recently, although not too poorly. I do think, throughout the course of the game, our lineups haven’t played as well throughout the entire 48 minutes. That’s something to consider and something to think about. And, again, you can’t get too caught up in one fast start or one slow start. I do think having small changes wouldn’t be a bad thing."

(h/t: Thanks to Jovan Buha of ESPN Los Angeles for relaying quotes from Boston's pregame access.)