CelticsHub: 3-on-3 on Rondo's Tweet

Jumping in with our friends at CelticsHub to play a game of 3-on-3 regarding Rondo's late-night return-hinting Tweet. Here's a sample:

What did you first think when you saw Rondo’s tweet?

Chris Forsberg: The easy joke here it that it was the amount of time since Boston’s last win. But, no, it seemed pretty obvious that this was tied to Rondo’s potential return date. Once I located an industrial-sized Abacus, it was some fairly simple math to connect the dots. That said, the fact that Rondo appears to have narrowed it down to the very minute he underwent into surgery to tip-off on Friday shows his crazy attention to detail with even something so simple as a social media clue about his potential return.

Michael Pina: I immediately dove into my MacBook’s calculator and kept dividing numbers by 60 and 24 until I passed out. Then I went on Twitter and saw someone I follow, who has better Math skills than I, had calculated the tweets ultimate significance to mean that Rondo would make his season debut on Friday night against the Los Angeles Lakers. This all happened in 45 seconds, and when it ended I was happy.

Brian Robb: Gut reaction was to immediately find out how many seconds there are in a day. After I cracked that code, it was time for some guessing and checking. Was it the number of days Rondo had spent sidelined since the injury? Nope that was too many. Number of days from today since his surgery? Too short. Finally, it became clear thanks to some smart folks on Twitter like Chris Forsberg, it timed out from his ACL surgery date until this Friday. Meanwhile, Rondo probably smiled and nodded from afar, probably taking great pleasure in watching all of us make use of our math skills to connect the dots.

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