5-on-5: Should C's move Rondo?

The latest 5-on-5 examines five players who could be candidates for new addresses, including Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. Here's how the panel responded when asked if Boston should move Rondo:

Adande: Fact. As with the Lakers and Gasol, there have been far too many Rajon-Rondo-rumor-Danny-Ainge-denial cycles for the Celtics. Please, for everyone involved, bring it to a stop. After he played in 92 playoff games in his first six full seasons in the league, sitting through a rebuild during the prime of his career can't appeal to Rondo. Spending $13 million next year for a player with an 11-point career scoring average and no All-Stars to pass to can't appeal to the Celtics. Give both sides a chance to start anew.

Elhassan: Fiction. I wrote about why Boston should keep Rondo, but even if you're convinced he has no future in a Celtics uniform, there's no rush to move him now. Rondo is under contract through 2014-15 at a very reasonable rate, so Boston has three more "pressure points" beyond this trade deadline when it can deal him: draft day, July 1 (start of free agency) and trade deadline 2015.

Feldman: Fiction. Rondo is just 27, and he could easily still be in his prime when the Celtics are next ready to win. There's no reason to rush Rondo out of town, especially when he's still rusty and helping Boston tank as he plays through his struggles.

Strauss: Fiction. Even if the Celtics have designs on moving Rondo, they should probably wait 'til he's fully healthy. Also, what if he thrives alongside coach Brad Stevens? Maybe it'd be better to keep him under those circumstances? I'm not wholly against the idea of considering a Rondo trade, but I doubt they'll get good offers right now.

Sunnergren: Fiction. Let's keep it simple. The Celtics are in the process of building another title contender. Elite 27-year-old point guards who elevate their games on the sport's biggest stages are very helpful to title contenders. Unless Ainge gets blown away -- which seems unlikely -- Rondo should stay put.

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