Grantland: Wallace among worst contracts

Grantland's Bill Simmons did his annual list of the 30 worst contracts in basketball and the Boston Celtics have only one inclusion, albeit a lofty one with Gerald Wallace at No. 2. From Simmons:

I received the following Wallace-related e-mails just in the past month …

Isaac in Mesquite, Texas: “As a Brooklyn Nets fan, I’m at the point where I can’t even look at Damian Lillard without getting pissed off.”

Frank in Oswego: “When Adam Silver takes over, my biggest fear is that he’s going to belatedly overrule the Wallace/Lillard trade and declare it was unfairly one-sided. That can’t happen, correct?”

Eric in Springfield, Massachusetts: “Instead of a jersey number, could the Celtics convince Wallace to wear all the first-rounders we got in that trade on his jersey? I want to be constantly reminded that we have those picks every time I’m forced to watch him play basketball.”

Jared in Boston: “My roommate is a huge Celtics fan. He just realized that he turns 21 on the day Gerald Wallace’s contract expires and said, ‘That’s definitely the day I die of alcohol poisoning.’”

The Celtics took on Wallace's deal in order to facilitate the summer blockbuster that delivered three first-round picks from the Brooklyn Nets. The question now is whether the Celtics are content to ride out Wallace's deal, or if they'd take measures to shed his cap clog sooner (would Boston use that stockpile of draft picks to entice another team to take on the bad deal?)

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