Ainge: 'Nothing going on right now'

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said Thursday morning that there is "nothing going on right now" as the 3 p.m. ET trade deadline approached, but left the door open for activity -- cautioning it might not be a big splash -- to pick up in advance of the final buzzer.

"I don’t know how busy it will be," Ainge said during his weekly appearance on Boston sports radio 98.5 the Sports Hub. "There is a possibility of things happening, but I’m not sure anything big and exciting will happen."

Added Ainge: "We have nothing going on right now. Unless someone meets our demands, or if we change our views and meet someone else’s demands, we could get something done. But typically everyone is posturing until the last minute."

Ainge left it wide open for how Boston might proceed as the deadline nears.

"We have a few different directions; we're trying to be opportunistic and get value for players," said Ainge. He noted the team is looking for everything -- cap flexibility, assets, trade exceptions -- which means there are "all sorts of different directions that we could go at end of the day."

But Ainge stressed, "We’re not panicking, we don't feel pressured to do a deal right now."

While Ainge wouldn't address trade rumors about specific players, including all the buzz about Rajon Rondo, he did note, "There is nothing like [what's been rumored] going on."

Ainge later lamented, "Most everything that the fans and people have read -- someone creates the news and it gets repeated over and over and over again, because [the media knows] we can't come out and dispute those and get caught up in what's true and what's not true. I rarely read what's going on now, because there's just so little credibility in my eyes."

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