Boston return for Pierce? Why not?

BOSTON -- Paul Pierce continues to leave the door open for a possible return to the Boston Celtics organization down the road.

Pierce, the former Celtics captain, has often expressed a desire to return to Boston in some capacity after spending the first 15 years of his career here. Pressed on the issue after the Celtics posted a 91-84 triumph over his Brooklyn Nets on Friday night, Pierce didn't run from the possibility of coming back as a player or executive.

"Yeah, why not?" said Pierce. "Maybe play for them, maybe work for them. Who knows what the future holds?"

The Celtics traded Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn last summer to start a rebuilding process that will be aided by the three first-round draft picks they got in return in the nine-player swap. Pierce is playing in the final year of his current contract and will be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

Pierce said this return to Boston wasn't as emotional as his first trip back in January, but still felt butterflies walking back into TD Garden.

"It’s always emotional when you step into this gym that you’ve spent your whole life playing in," said Pierce. "The tribute last time made it so much more emotional and the cheers. But every time I come into this gym, because I always seen the fans and the people who have been around all these years, it’s always going to be emotional because you miss them since you’ve known them so long. Not at the same level it was last time, but it’s always going to be there."

Pierce spoke highly of where Boston is headed.

"They are a young team, they got a mix of some veterans, some young guys they are developing and they are only going to get better," said Pierce. "[Rajon] Rondo is leading them right now, moving into the next generation of Celtics. I think their future is going to be very bright."

Later Pierce added: "I know the Celtics are going to do whatever it takes. They’ve got great owners, great management to get back to that top level again."