Ford's Mock Draft 4.0

With the Boston Celtics positioned fifth in advance of May's draft lottery, Chad Ford's Mock Draft 4.0 pegs Boston to select Arizona power forward Aaron Gordon.

A snippet from Ford: "The team would love to get their hands on [Joel] Embiid, as he would help them with one of their biggest needs. But Gordon is intriguing here. He's a hybrid forward, but his athleticism and motor allow him to thrive at both the three and the four defensively. He adds toughness and does all the little things coaches love."

With pick No. 17, Ford picks Switzerland's Clint Capela, a 6-foot-11 power forward.

A snippet of analysis: "he Celtics could make a long-term move with their second pick. Capela has NBA length and athleticism (think Serge Ibaka), but he's pretty far away from being an NBA player right now."

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