CelticsHub: 3-on-3 on Love

Our friends over at CelticsHub played a game of 3-on-3 given all the chatter about Kevin Love. Since 4-on-3 is a horrible name for a recurring internet series, here's my answers to their questions (and follow the link to read their full 3-on-3 on CelticsHub)

1. Out of all the potential suitors, do you feel confident the Celtics can put together the best trade package for Kevin Love?

Forsberg: It's hard to imagine that any other team has quite the smorgasbord of assets to offer. As ESPN Stats and Info explained, the Lakers' cap situation could give them a unique advantage, but they'll need to vault in the lottery to likely intrigue Minnesota. The Celtics appear to be the only team that can cater to the Wolves' desires. Need picks? Boston has nine first-rounders over the next five years. Need cap space? Boston has $8 million in nonguaranteed deals. Need talent? Jared Sullinger or Kelly Olynyk would seemingly be available if Love is the team's power forward of the future.

2. Does Danny Ainge have enough trade assets to deal for Love and add enough supporting pieces around Rondo/Love to make Celtics a contender next year?

Forsberg: What more do the Celtics need? It's the Eastern Conference! Let's say all the Celtics did was bring in Love, re-sign Avery Bradley, and use any remaining assets to seek out a serviceable center. That would seemingly put the team in decent position to at least return to playoff status. Now, surely the goal here isn't just to be a seventh or eighth seed again. But a Rondo-Bradley-Green-Love core is a pretty decent start, particularly if Boston could hang on to some of those future picks.

3. Give me your best realistic Love-Celtics trade proposal.

Forsberg: Despite what J.Lo sang, Love will most certainly not come cheap. We'd probably use the Kevin Garnett deal as a baseline and expect to potentially build from there. So the Celtics would probably have to part with Sullinger (playing the role of Al Jefferson), Keith Bogans (his nonguaranteed deal = Theo Ratliff's expiring), salary filler, and a couple first-round draft picks. In the KG swap, Boston delivered two 2009 first-round pick (sixth and 28th overall), so let's say they'd have to part with this year's lottery selection and next year's Clippers pick at a minimum.

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