Sullinger works up a summer sweat

WALTHAM, Mass. -- In an offseason aimed at getting in the best shape possible, Boston Celtics third-year big man Jared Sullinger went through a workout with the team's summer squad Wednesday at HealthPoint.

Chris Forsberg/ESPN Boston

Jared Sullinger dropped in on a summer squad workout on Wednesday.Sullinger does not plan to participate with the summer squad in Orlando later this week, but used the group workout to break a sweat.

"I think conditioning was a big factor," Sullinger said when asked what he's trying to improve this offseason. "Late in the game, I'd get tired and stop doing the things that I normally do in the first quarter. I think conditioning will kind of help that out.

"[Joining the summer practice is] another opportunity to play against other guys and kind of push myself to another limit, work on things that I don’t normally work on by myself and then I’ve got bodies out here. Going against bodies, pushing myself through contact. So everything is kind of helping me with conditioning."

Pressed on if he'd dropped any weight this offseason, Sullinger said that's not his focus.

"It's more shape," said Sullinger. "How long I can run, how fast I can run. Pretty much how long I can stay on the court without passing out. I’m working on that every day."

The 22-year-old Sullinger averaged 13.3 points and 8.1 rebounds over 27.6 minutes per game last season while starting 44 of 74 appearances.

Sullinger said he was unaware of reports that Avery Bradley had re-signed (but said if it's true that "I'm happy he's back") but was complimentary of his new teammates.

"Marcus’ last name pretty much says it all about him on the basketball court. He’s smart. He plays well," said Sullinger. "He’s a very, very tough defender. That was real shocking to me. I really didn’t watch a lot of college basketball, but you see a lot of highlights on SportsCenter. He was always up there, but they never said anything about his defensive ability. That’s one thing about him. And James, watching him in the national championship in the tournament, he was one of the key guys for the Kentucky team. He’s really long and really athletic. That really helps us out."

Sullinger was asked his opinion on this offseason as a whole.

"I’m not a [general manager]; I’m a player," said Sullinger. "But regardless of what [president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge], [director of player personnel] Austin [Ainge] or [assistant general manager Mike] Zarren do, I’m full support. My job is to play, their job is to manage. As long as I don’t try to manage and play, I think the Boston Celtics will be a pretty [good] team in the East."

And all those rumors about Boston's potential pursuit of Kevin Love?

"Danny is just doing his job," said Sullinger. "You’ve got to understand that. Danny is doing his job. We had a down year last year and he’s just trying to be as competitive as possible in the east. He’s just doing his job."