No penalty for Garnett


Boston Celtics big man Kevin Garnett won't be penalized by the NBA for his postgame incident Sunday with New York Knicks guard Bill Walker, a league source told ESPN.com's Marc Stein on Monday.

Garnett had his hand around Walker's throat after the Celtics' forward missed a potential game-tying shot at the buzzer. The two had to be separated by coaches and players at the end of the Knicks' 106-104 win over the Celtics.

"Heat of the moment," Walker said on Monday. "I just went and contested the shot. We got wrapped up, tangled up and, you know, the rest happened."

Lots of passionate discussion going on about this one. Just one man's opinion: Nothing about the incident screamed suspension. That's not justifying Garnett's actions, he needs to walk away from that situation (Bill Walker's chirping doesn't require that sort of response) and Garnett certainly shouldn't be throwing his hands around anyone's face. The one penalty that Garnett will incur is losing the benefit of the doubt. Already with a history of these on-court dust-ups in recent seasons (see last year's shove of J.J. Barea and contact with an official), Garnett likely won't have any more mulligans if he gets into another scuffle moving forward.

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