Thomas on free agents: 'I've got a few players in mind'

Isaiah Thomas, noted social media free-agent recruiter, played it coy when asked about potential offseason targets during an appearance on ESPN's First Take on Monday.

"I've got a few players in mind," Thomas admitted when asked about some of his recent tweets. "Hopefully they can wear some green. I won't say their names. I won't."

When the hosts referenced free-agent-to-be big men LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol, Thomas smiled and played along.

"There's two guys in the Western Conference that are pretty good, hopefully they can make it over East," Thomas said with a grin.

Thomas admitted he's enjoying his time in Boston ("They like me, so I like them," he said), but spent much of his 10-minute segment talking about the NBA Finals. Thomas believes the Cleveland Cavaliers will force a Game 7, but that the Golden State Warriors will hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Thomas also boldly noted that, "LeBron [James] has no help, everybody in the world can see that." He later added, "It's sad because [James' teammates are] in the NBA and they're playing hot potato."

Thomas believes the series might have been different if the Cavaliers hadn't lost Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving to injuries. He marvels at what James has done to carry the Cavaliers and said he believes Cleveland is simply running out of gas late in games.