Draft profile rundown

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Could Purdue's JaJuan Johnson be Boston's pick at No. 25 on Thursday night?Over the past two weeks, we profiled a group of players that the Celtics could potentially target in Thursday's draft. Here's a helpful rundown:


Nikola Vucevic, 7-0, 260 lbs., USC

Jeremy Tyler, 6-11, 263 lbs., Tokyo Apache

Kenneth Faried, 6-8, 225 lbs., Morehead State

Justin Harper, 6-9, 228 lbs., Richmond

JaJuan Johnson, 6-10, 220 lbs., Purdue

Jon Leuer, 7-0, 223 lbs., Wisconsin

Jordan Williams, 6-9, 247 lbs., Maryland

Trey Thompkins, 6-10, 239 lbs., Georgia

Malcolm Thomas, 6-9, 223 lbs., San Diego State

Greg Smith, 6-10, 253 lbs., Fresno State

Keith Benson, 6-11, 217 lbs., Oakland


PG Malcolm Lee, 6-6, 198 lbs., UCLA

PG Norris Cole, 6-2, 175 lbs., Cleveland State

PG Reggie Jackson, 6-3, 208 lbs., Boston College

SG Marshon Brooks, 6-5, 195 lbs., Providence

SF Jimmy Butler, 6-8, 222 lbs., Marquette

SF Kyle Singler, 6-9, 228 lbs., Duke

So, armchair general managers, who's your preferred pick (and who will legitimately be available at pick No. 25)? Is this so-called "weak" class leaving you scrambling for a trade? Sound off in the comments.