#Chargewatch: Wallace still on top

Frequent visitors to the site know we love to keep tabs on Boston's top charge-takers. With 30 games in the book, here's our latest look at how the #Chargewatch leaderboards with data logged by Synergy Sports:


10: Gerald Wallace

9: Jared Sullinger

8: Avery Bradley

7: Jeff Green

5: Brandon Bass

4: Kelly Olynyk, Jordan Crawford, Courtney Lee

3: Vitor Faverani, Kris Humphries

1: Phil Pressey

Team total: 58


14: Green

11: Faverani

10: Sullinger

8: Bass, Olynyk

6: Crawford

5: Wallace

2: Bradley

1: Keith Bogans, Lee, Humphries

Team total: 67

Analysis: While Green is far and away the leader on charges committed, it suggests quality aggression towards the basket. If there's one player who fans shouldn't cringe at seeing at the top of the list it's Green, who should naturally draw his share of whistles when attacking the hoop. ... Wallace continues to hold a slight edge over preseason favorite Sullinger in charges taken. Bradley is making a quiet charge given the amount of offensive fouls he draws on the perimeter with defenders trying to create space from his on-ball defense.