Road proved tough out West

For the first time in franchise history, the Boston Celtics were winless on the road against the Western Conference, falling to 0-15 this season after an 89-84 to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night in their last chance to break up the shutout.

A quick recap of those road woes:

Nov. 4 @ Memphis, 95-88

Nov. 16 @ Minnesota, 106-88

Nov. 19 @ Houston, 109-85

Nov. 20 @ San Antonio, 104-93

Jan. 5 @ Oklahoma City, 119-96

Jan. 7 @ Denver, 129-98

Jan. 8 @ Los Angeles Clippers, 111-105

Jan. 10 @ Golden State, 99-97

Jan. 11 @ Portland, 112-104

Feb. 19 @ Phoenix, 100-94

Feb. 21 @ Los Angeles Lakers, 101-92

Feb. 22 @ Sacramento, 105-98

Feb. 24 @ Utah, 110-98

March 16 @ New Orleans, 121-120 (OT)

March 17 @ Dallas, 89-94

Celtics coach Brad Stevens admitted that even rebuilding teams get frustrate by the lack of winning.

"It’s not something you shoot for," said Stevens. "It’s not something you’d like to do. The West is clearly better than the East. I don’t think anybody would argue that. At the same time, we’ve had our chances in a couple of those games. ... Yeah, it’s frustrating. Most of the season has been frustrating."

To find Boston's last road win against the West you'd have to go back to Feb. 25, 2013 in Utah -- a 110-107 overtime triumph. The Celtics have now lost 20 in a row on the road against the West.

The Celtics nearly broke up the shutout on Monday night while trying to rally from as much as 15 down, but the Mavericks fended off Boston's late charge.

"I think that we’ve played well in certain games and we haven’t played well in others," said Stevens. "But we came in here, had a chance at least, a little bit shorthanded from a roster standpoint, doing that on a tail end of an overtime game last night where we had a chance -- I feel like a broken record, to be honest, talking about silver linings, but I guess that would be the one silver lining."