Who should represent C's at lottery?

As the calendar flips, we're now inside of three weeks until the NBA's Draft Lottery set for Tuesday, May 20. The Celtics own a 10.3-percent chance at the top overall pick, though their most likely landing spot is at No. 6 after losing a random drawing tie-breaker with the Utah Jazz last month after the two teams finished with identical records.

Celtics.com provided a nice visual representation of each team's chances at a given pick as part of their draft lottery Q&A:

Lottery chances

Yes, the Celtics will need a little luck at the lottery to vault into a top spot. Ping-pong balls will determine the top 3 selections and the remaining teams will be slotted in inverse order of record. The real question is who should represent Boston at the lottery later and serve as the face of the franchise during the national TV broadcast?

An unofficial rundown of some of our top candidates:

Tommy Heinsohn: Sure, he struck out swinging in 2007 (though things worked out just fine), so maybe he's due for a hit.

Lucky the Leprechaun: Name says it all with team mascot.

Celtics Legend: Bill Russell with all his rings? The Cooz? C's could send someone that represents their championship past.

Campbell Grousbeck: The Cleveland Cavaliers have found success with owner Dan Gilbert's bow-tied son, Nick, while twice winning the lottery recently. The Celtics could send Wyc's son, Campbell, who played a particularly influential role in bringing this ownership group to Boston.

Danny Ainge: Let the GM get an up-close look at where he'll be picking.

Louis Corbett: Celtics brought in 12-year-old New Zealand native this season to fulfill his wish to see an NBA game before he loses his vision.

Meb Keflezighi: Knows how to finish first in Boston.

Boston Marathon Survivor/Responder: Boston Strong.

Rajon Rondo: Rondo seemed open to the possibility when asked back in February and would cement the idea that he's main building block moving forward.

Brian Scalabrine: If Golden State doesn't want him, Celtics fans sure love him.

Brad Stevens: If only to watch his unfazed reaction if the Celtics vaulted into a top spot (or maybe a rare emotional outburst after enduring the loss-filled 2013-14 campaign).

Gino lookalike: We didn't see much of him this past season, but the smooth-grooving American Bandstand dancers always appears when things are going well for Boston.

Celtics superfan: Suit Coat Santa? Balcony Gino? Jack Black Guy? With no playoffs, they've all got time on their hands.

Cedric Maxwell: With news that the Los Angeles Lakers will send James Worthy to the lottery, Celtics could counter with chief Worthy antagonizer (bonus points if he displayed choke sign at any point).

Got a favorite? Or a better suggestion? Sound off in the comments.