Ford final mock: Still Embiid, Saric for C's

Chad Ford's final mock is up and, much like Version 10.0, he's still got the Boston Celtics taking Joel Embiid and Dario Saric.

A snippet on Embiid at No. 6: "If the Celtics pass on Embiid, it sounds like this will be between Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon and Marcus Smart. The Celtics love Smart's toughness and think he can play with Rajon Rondo as well as free them up to explore Rondo deals. Randle has also picked up momentum in the organization as an upgrade over Jared Sullinger at the 4."

And a snippet on Saric at No. 17: "I don't think the Celtics let him pass. Yes, I know that it means that Celtics fans would not see EITHER of their first-round picks play in Boston next season. But as far as talent goes, Ainge could walk away with possibly the best player in the draft and a top-10 pick for Nos. 6 and 17. I'm not sure he could pass on it. [Kyle] Anderson is another player who is in play here. Ditto for [TJ] Warren if he falls."

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