Rivers reflects on 'Benji'

WALTHAM, Mass. -- The story of Ben Wilson still resonates with Boston Celtics coach and Chicago native Doc Rivers.

In 1984, 17-year-old Wilson, a hoops prodigy from the city's South Side, was murdered just days before his senior season at Simeon High School. On the heels of the debut of "Benji", part of ESPN Films: 30 for 30 series, Rivers reflected on Wilson after the Celtics' practiced Wednesday.

"I know a lot about [Wilson]," said Rivers. "My insight was more through my brother. My brother, to this day, still goes to every good high school game [in Chicago]. He’s seen Jabari Parker play 15 times, he was first one who called me about Derrick Rose when he was a sophomore and they beat [Rivers' high school] Proviso East, who is always good. He said, 'You better watch out for this guy Rose, he’s going to be a good player.' He said the same thing about Ben. And he's saying the same thing about Jabari now.

"I just remember how sad that was. My brother, my mom -- I think the entire city of Chicago went to the funeral. I remember the anger. Chicago has always had an unwritten rule: If you’ve got a chance, you’re untouchable. The fact that someone touched him, I thought that upset a lot of people in the city."

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