Pierce: Feel the energy

Celtics captain Paul Pierce sat down for an interview with the team's official website Friday in part to promote his Health Rally Saturday afternoon at Copley Plaza. Here's a couple other highlights:

  • More like Oldport: Pierce sounded off over the summer on a desire to switch up the location of the team's annual training camp after two straight trips to Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I. The team temporarily decided to hold camp at its practice facility in Waltham, but made a last-minute audible to head back to Newport and Pierce said he's fine with the decision.

    "With the amount of new guys, I think it's good to get away," said Pierce. "We get a chance to bond, get a chance to know your new teammates. That's going to be good. It helps in terms of developing chemistry in the long run -- you're going to be around these guys for nine or 10 months, so it's always good to get that [bond] early. I'm happy."

  • Excitement building: Echoing the sentiments of Tony Gaffney, who earlier this week noted that there was "something special" building in Boston's locker room even before camp begins, Pierce talked about a positive vibe around the team already this season.

    "There's a lot of new faces, but over the past week and a half, I've seen everybody's face -- either I've worked out or played with them," said Pierce. "You can feel the energy around here again. We were talking about it today, the energy, the vibe around here. It's about winning another championship. We feel like we left something behind last year. The energy is there, we're ready to go. It's going to be exciting."