Did Rondo flop?

ESPN Screenshot

Rajon Rondo drew a whistle on Derrick Fisher chasing an offensive rebound.Did Rajon Rondo flop while drawing Derrick Fisher's sixth foul of the night in the first overtime of Boston's double-OT win over the Mavericks on Wednesday? From TrueHoop's Henry Abbott:

Fisher fouled out with 1:07 left in the first overtime on what was, in slow-motion, a whopper of a flop by Rajon Rondo. Fisher appeared to do nothing more than rest a hand on Rondo's back. Feeling the contact, Rondo exploded away as if shoved ... and earned a whistle. Saddled with his sixth foul, an aghast Fisher took a seat and watched from the bench as his team lost a nail-biter.

After a Dallas turnover, Rondo and Jason Terry broke out the other way. Terry missed the layup in transition and Rondo tried unsuccessfully to haul in the offensive rebound with Fisher coming in behind him. Abbott believes Rondo contorted after minimal contact, leading the referes to believe that Fisher pushed off.

Under new anti-flopping rules this season, the NBA can warn players (then fine them for subsequent violations) if determined to have flopped during official video review. No Boston player has been warned to this point. Will Rondo hear from the league? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.