Grantland: 2015 NBA trade values

There are no Boston Celtics players on Grantland.com's top 60 contracts for 2015, but the Celtics do get a couple of honorable mentions. First, here's Bill Simmons on Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger:

The good news for Boston fans: We have 55 first-round picks and 146 second-round picks in the next eight drafts. Would you allow me two irrelevant paragraphs discussing Boston’s Honorable Honorable Mention guys? You would? That’s so gracious of you! Thanks!

Kelly Olynyk: My daughter thinks he looks like a priest and yells out “Father Kelly Olynyk!” every time he makes a 3. Great nickname, you have to admit. Does it make up for the fact that the Celtics drafted Father Kelly over the Greek Freak? NOOOOOOOO! Of course not. But here’s our best chance to see what would have happened to Andrea Bargnani’s career if Bargs never went full-scale Bargs on us. Two seasons from now, Father Kelly will average 17.5 PPG, make 39.7 percent of his 3s and snooker the Celtics into some mega-extension that will give my father his first heart attack. You wait.

Jared Sullinger: Speaking of Boston trades, my father (a Celtics season-ticket holder since the 1973-74 season) visited for Thanksgiving right when Kevin Love started noticeably struggling in Cleveland — as opposed to now, when Kevin Love is noticeably struggling in Cleveland. But we were driving around and I mentioned that I was hoping that Cleveland would panic-trade Love, and that maybe we had a chance for a package that included Sully, Jeff Green and a future first-rounder. That led to this exchange:

Dad: “I wouldn’t trade Sullinger straight-up for Love.”

Me: “Wait … what?”

Dad: “You don’t go to the games. I go to the games.”

Me: “What does that mean?”

Dad: “Sullinger knows how to play. He reminds me of Paul Silas. He’s the next Paul Silas.”

(Postscript: Just three days later, I checked my father into a nursing home.)

And later, Simmons has a quick note on Marcus Smart (while discussing him and fellow rookie point guard Elfrid Payton):

2015’s copresidents of the “If They Learn How To Shoot, Look Out!” Club. Love their defense, love their athleticism, love their competitiveness. Smart’s absolute worst-case career scenario is Tony Allen 2.0. (I think he can do better — when you’re THAT competitive, it should work out for you.)

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