NBA Jam: The Big Six?

I probably don't have to tell regular visitors that your humble blogger is a big video game fan. Heck, Wednesday I couldn't help but share this TwitPic when a computer-generated player named Austin Rivers showed up in a franchise draft on Madden 11 (yes, I drafted him and, while he's a low rating overall at cornerback, his leaping ability mimics the real-life hoopster son of Celtics coach Doc Rivers).

Now here's more video game nerd-dom: ESPN.com's Marc Stein unveiled the Eastern Conference rosters for the new NBA Jam coming out next month. If you don't get excited (and nostalgic) looking at this list, you probably didn't waste hours of your youth playing the original. Here's the Boston roster and breakdown from Stein:

Players: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen

Legends: Larry Bird and Kevin McHale

You think Doc Rivers has problems in real life with all the big names (and egos) the Celtics have stockpiled? Try choosing only two Celts at a time from this six-pack. Boston's roster is one of the nine that include four current players instead of three because fan voting was so tight. Combine that with the fact that Bird was never in the arcade versions of Jam, and you can understand why the game's designers didn't try to wedge Shaquille O'Neal on this roster, too. (Although we have to believe that Shaq, in a nod to his l-o-n-g history with Jam, is among the hidden characters who can be unlocked.)

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(h/t: CelticsHub for the video)