Pregame: Rivers ditches 'Argo' for Obama

BOSTON -- Celtics coach Doc Rivers found himself so anxious awaiting election results on Tuesday night that he escaped to the movies to catch "Argo."

"That was a good evening last night, if you're a supporter of the president, which I am," said Rivers. "That was a lot of fun, nerve-wracking actually. I went to a movie during the middle of it, because I couldn’t take it anymore. I was getting texts from people, who were telling me what was going on, and I didn’t trust that. So I was turning into Karl Rove, it was unbelievable."

Rivers kept it light while discussing the election, but was clearly quite happy to see his fellow Chicago native back for four more years. Even at the expense of a quality movie.

"I got a text in the middle of [the movie] that [Obama] won, so I left, so I didn’t see the end of 'Argo,'" said Rivers. "And it was terrific. So I gotta go pay again, which if you know me, that really [makes me mad]."

When a reporter joked that the movie ending was pretty obvious, Rivers quipped back, "It’s like 'Titanic.' I know the ending of that, too, but it’s still a good movie."

Appropriately, the Celtics will close out a stretched-out home-and-home with a team from the nation's capital on Wednesday night. A few other pregame notes before the clash with the Wizards:

* Jared Sullinger is back in the starting lineup, not much of a surprise considering the same opponent from his first start on Saturday in Washington. How does Sullinger feel in that starting role? "I felt real comfortable," he said. "I mean, playing with those guys is easy. I mean, playing with this whole team is easy, because everyone understands basketball. So, we got off to a slow start with the first two games, but we got ourselves going in the [third] game and we've just got to continue our focus."

* Rivers explaining the decision to go back to Sullinger: "Well, we’re playing the same team. They are big, and that’s part of it. But I do like Jared in the lineup. I just think he gives us a rebounder. And another passer. Right now, at this point in his career, he’s not looking to score, but he will score, scoring happens for him. It’s a good fit."

* Keyon Dooling, who re-signed with Boston this offseason, only to have a change of heart and retire from basketball, ducked into the Celtics' locker room before the game. Expect Dooling to be an occasional presence this season given his bond with the core players from last season. His voice can still resonate with this group.