Shootaround: All's quiet in Phoenix

PHOENIX -- All was quiet in Phoenix on Wednesday morning as the Boston Celtics went through shootaround at US Airways Center in advance of their tilt with the Suns.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens nearly made it through his morning briefing without being asked about the trade deadline before the subject sneaked in.

"I think I probably answered so boringly [about the deadline on Tuesday], this is the first [question] I’ve gotten [on it today]," joked Stevens. "I don’t have any real response. Like I said [Tuesday], I think the biggest things is you don’t really focus on things that aren’t there. Right now, our team is right here, they are right in front of me. And I don’t want to speculate or live in a world of speculation. I want to live in the world that exists at this moment, and go from there."

"I understand it’s a great storyline, so it’s a great thing to talk about and it’s a great thing to have in the media. From my standpoint, I haven’t though two seconds about it. Because it’s not my job, nor is it anything that I’m concerned about from a standpoint of -- like I said yesterday, the team that we have, I like our locker room, I like the guys that are here. It is what it is."

As for Wednesday's game, Stevens confirmed Gerald Wallace will remain in the starting lineup with Avery Bradley (ankle) sidelined for this road trip. All 11 bodies the team has out west are expected to be available.