Video: Preview of The Association, Ep. 5

In the trailer for the final episode of "The Association: Boston Celtics," point guard Rajon Rondo opens up about the trade of his best friend, Kendrick Perkins.

Rondo notes: "On the road, we were together every day, as far as going out to eat, going to the mall, little things. I don't have that right now and it's tough to deal with."

Later, at dinner with teammate Avery Bradley in New York City, the rookie asks Rondo how he's dealing with the trade. Rondo laughs before saying, "It's kinda different now... Nobody died, but..."

The fifth and final episode of The Association is a one-hour special that airs Friday night at 8 p.m. on ESPN. Hop HERE for some humorous outtakes from Episode 5, including tie shopping with Ray Allen and a lighter side of Kevin Garnett. Jump HERE to catch up on the full series.