Celtics clinch Atlantic Division title


A glimpse at one of last year's T-shirts celebrating Boston's division title.When your season tagline is "It's all about 18," a reference to a championship-or-bust mentality, it probably doesn't mean too much to win a division title that was all but assumed before the first game of the season was even played.

Alas, it's still an accomplishment and apparel makers everywhere are free to print up new duds celebrating the Celtics as 2011 Atlantic Divisions champions after a New York Knicks' loss Sunday to the Milwaukee Bucks clinched the title for Boston (the Celtics currently boast a 14-game cushion over Philadelphia and a 14.5-game buffer over a Knicks team it visits Monday night).

The Celtics have now won the Atlantic Division four straight years and five of the last seven. The last division champ? The Toronto Raptors during the 2006-07 season (yes, the same 19-win Raptors that find themselves 30 games out this season).