KG: 'You ever been in a bar fight?'

Maybe the best part of the Celtics' comeback win Thursday night over the Orlando Magic was it meant that TNT's Craig Sager got to do a walk-off interview with Kevin Garnett. You might remember Garnett telling Sager to "burn that suit" in past interviews between the two. And coming off an emotional win, Garnett produced another instant classic...

Hopefully, somewhere in Boston, a street vendor is printing up shirts with, "You ever been in a bar fight?" on them. At the end of the interview, Garnett congratulates teammate Ray Allen on the birth of his son, Wynston Ryan, and tells his own daughter to go to bed -- all while admitting, "I'm all over the map."

If not for "Yo soy fiesta," it would have been the best Boston postgame interview of the week.