Doc defends KG on Douglas' trip

Comcast SportsNet Screenshot

Did Kevin Garnett get away with a foul on the game's biggest play?If Knicks fans are still seething about an offensive foul call against Carmelo Anthony and a non-call on a potential offensive foul by Kevin Garnett setting a screen to free Ray Allen for a pivotal 3-pointer in Game 1 of the Celtics-Knicks series Sunday night, Boston coach Doc Rivers needled the Bocker faithful a bit more Monday.

Asked for his thoughts on the sequence before the Celtics' practice at the Sports Authority Training Center at HealthPoint, Rivers could barely keep a straight face as he said, "I thought that, uh, Douglas tried to trip Kevin. I thought that was awful. And it was great that Kevin stood up to it."

Turning more serious, Rivers defended his player, saying he thought it was a good non-call by the officials.

"Honestly, I thought Kevin's feet were down," said Rivers. "And the whole thing is if you go from a foot to a movement outside of your body. Kevin's foot was there. They did get tangled up. So that could have gone whatever way you wanted it to go."

Rivers went on to opine about others in the league that often get away with similar infractions by sticking out their feet and leaning in, ("I don't even want to say the guy's name, because he's not in this series," said Rivers), but stopped short as not to give the league reason to come after his wallet.

Added Celtics captain Paul Pierce: "I mean, everything is going to be hard, physical, tough. To me that was a tough, strong pick that a guy didn't get over. If we're going to say that then there's going to be a lot of times where I was fouled away from the ball just from cutting to the basket. It goes both ways so neither team can complain about how the calls are made because it goes both ways."

As for the controversial play in Sunday's game, you be the judge.