Kerry talks sports at BC commencement

Secretary of State John Kerry delivered the commencement address at Boston College on Monday, touching on the threat of climate change, foreign policy and the importance of service to society in his remarks.

The BC Law School alum and longtime U.S. senator from Massachusetts couldn’t resist throwing in a few sports references too:

I was on the campus of one of your rivals yesterday in New Haven. And while I let them know that they could be proud of their title in men’s hockey last year, I also had to put it in perspective: Yale is still four titles behind BC. (Cheers and applause.)

There are many things actually that Yale and Boston College have in common, but one is probably the most powerful: mutual dislike of Harvard. (Laughter.) Although to be fair, hundreds of schools don’t like Harvard very much.

As Secretary of State, I track many factions and rivalries around the world. BC versus Notre Dame is at the top of my list. Of course, there’s also Alec Baldwin versus the NYPD. (Laughter.) Beyonce’s sister versus Jay Z. (Laughter and cheers.) And then there’s the rivalry: Red Sox and Yankees. (Cheering and applause.) We absolutely loved the last 10 years: Yankees -- one World Series, and Red Sox -- three. That's my kind of rivalry, folks. (Cheers.)

The sports love didn’t stop there. The State Department posted a photo of Kerry in the BC men’s hockey locker room prior to the speech:

And that led to this Twitter exchange later in the day:

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