Spaziani still undecided on Saturday's QB

ESPN's ACC blogger Heather Dinich reports that BC coach Frank Spaziani still hasn't made up his mind who will start at quarterback Saturday night against Notre Dame.

"We're going to make a change at quarterback," Spaziani said at his weekly news conference. "We'll have Mike (Marscovetra) and Chase (Rettig) compete for the job this week and we'll make a decision at the end of the week."

Spaziani said he's not sure when he'll make the final decision ("Maybe it will be Saturday night," he said), but he's seen as much of Rettig as he has the other two quarterbacks -- just not in a game situation. The Eagles had hoped to redshirt Rettig, and he was expected to be the program's quarterback of the future. Now they might not have that luxury.

"All three quarterbacks have the physical talent to win at this level," Spaziani said, including benched starter Dave Shinskie in that equation.

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