Girls swimming: Feehan takes Div. 2 crown

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Caitlin Schofield had been striving all year to get her backstroke time in the 100-yard event under the minute benchmark.

She picked a great time for it.

Schofield won the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 59.52 and the rest of her Bishop Feehan teammates had banner days as the Shamrocks won the Div. 2 state championship yesterday, at MIT's Zesiger Center.

“I’ve been preparing for this race all year,” said Schofield. “I’ve been trying so hard. I’ve been working so hard since the start of the season. I knew I could break a minute and that’s been my goal all year, so that was awesome for that to finally happen.”

The Shamrocks scored 363.5 points as a team to win its second state championship in the last three seasons. Last year’s champion, Reading, hung tough in second place with a team score of 319. Bishop Stang finished in third with a team score of 255.5.

“Everyone swam amazing, everyone did awesome,” said Schofield. “I am so proud of every single person who swam today. It was a team effort. There was no one person and we have the depth that just puts us over the edge.”

Schofield was joined as a first-place finisher with Marisa Reidemeister, who won the 100-yard butterfly and the 200-yard IM. Reidemeister swam the 200-yard IM in 2:09.12, and finished the 100-yard butterfly with a posting of 58.39.

Head coach Chris Payson echoed the depth that Schofield spoke of.

“We have a lot of seniors who wanted to prove a point in their last year and their last season,” said Payson. “We also had freshman who are trying to prove their place from the beginning. It was a very, very aggressive team.”

Reidemeister was also a key kog in the 400-yard freestyle relay that all but iced the meet with a time of 3:39.38. Caroline Capece, Maddie Myers and Caroline Steiner showed Reidemeister on the swim.

Reading, the defending champion, had a good showing by two of its relay teams. Olivia Gallugi, Alexa Bosley, Allyssa Woodman and Amanda Adreani came in second in the 200-yard freestyle relay with a time of 1:42.80.

Bosley, Adreani, Brenna Melanson and Erin Daly took second in the 400-yard freestyle relay behind Bishop Feehan with a time of 3:42.30.

Bishop Stang was paced by Olivia Decas’ victory in the 50-yard freestyle with a finish of 24.50. It also got a victory in the 200-yard medley relay from Decas, Andrea Gauvin, Maria Lopez and Elizabeth Rose (1:50.84).

Kirby Roberts, Gauvin, Rose, and Decas all posted a victory in the 200-yard freestyle relay with a finish of 1:42.09.

Westwood’s Irinia Chiulli won the diving competition with a final score of 491.10.

Here are the rest of the official results:

200 medley relay

1. Bishop Stang (Olivia Decas, Andrea Gauvin, Maria Lopez, Elizabeth Rose) 1:50.84; 2. Bishop Feehan (Caitlin Schofield, Marisa Reidmester, Maddie Myers, Nikkie Steiner) 152.79; 3. Reading (Brenna Melanson, Kasey Lamb, Olivia Gallugi, Erin Daly) 152.99; 4. Notre Dame – Hingham (Julie Coen, Taylor Ellis, Taylor Darling, Kyra Pellant) 155.19; 5. Westwood (Kate Vanasse, Jackie Kremer, Jackie McDonald, Maddie McDonald) 155.25.

200 freestyle

1. Kaylie O’Connell (Stoneham) 1:57.25; 2. Maddie Myers (Bp. Feehan) 1:57.28; 3. Erin Daly (Reading) 157.35; 4. Shannon Quirk (Wakefield) 1:58.94; 5. Reilly O’Connell (Sandwich) 1:59.11.

200 IM

1. Marisa Reidmeister (Bp. Feehan) 2:09.12; 2. Caroline Capece (Bp. Feehan) 2:13.97; 3. Elizabeth Rose (Bp. Stang) 2:13.98; 4. Amanda Adreani (Reading) 2:14.67; 5. Kasey Lamb (Reading) 2:15.00.n

50 freestyle

1. Olivia Decas (Bp. Stang) 24.50; 2. Kate Vanasse (Westwood) 24.62; 3. Brenna Melanson (Reading) 24.67; 4. Maddie McDonald (Westwood) 25.54; 5. Ellen Osborn (Belmont) 25.60.

1 meter diving

1. Irina Chiulli (Westwood) 491.10; 2. Sarah Jaklitsch (NDA-Hingham) 381.60; 3. Demi Marathas (Ursuline) 371.25; 4. Abby Garrahan (Sandwich) 367.35; 5. Kelly Gilmore (Dedham) 344.40.

100 butterfly

1. Marisa Reidmester (Bp. Feehan) 58.39; 2. Kaylie O’Connell (Stoneham) 58.90; 3. MacKenzie Niness (NDA-Worcester) 59.48; 4. Helen Smith (Mt. Alvernia) 1:00.20; 5. Olivia Gallugi (Reagin) 1:00.53.

100 freestyle

1. Kate Vanasse (Westwood) 53.34; 2. Olivia Decas (Bp. Stang) 53.96; 3. Reilly O’Connell (Sandwich) 54.11; 4. Erin Daly (Reading) 54.86; 5. Alexa Bosley (Reading) 55.38.

500 freestyle

1. Taylor Ellis (NDA-H) 5:03.30; 2. Shannon Quirk (Wakefield) 5:10.10; 3. Maddie Myers (Bp. Feehan) 5:14.19; 4. Caroline Capece (Bp. Feehan) 5:19.02; 5. Taylor Darling (NDA-H) 5:24.18.

200 freestyle relay

1. Bishop Stang (Kirby Roberts, Andrea Gauvin, Elizabeth Rose, Olivia Decas) 1:42.09; 2. Reading (Olivia Gallugi, Alexa Bosley, Allyssa Woodman, Amanda Adreani) 1:42.80; 3. Bishop Feehan (Catilin Callahan, Nikki Steiner, Caroline Steiner, Katherine Perry) 1:43.71; 4. Belmont (Ellen Osborn, Ana Pulak, Emily Butte, Unuce Lee) 1:44.12; Sandwich (Cat Felicetti, Emily McMahon, Kyra Grossman, Reilly O’Connell) 1:46.96.

100 backstroke

1. Catilin Schofield (Bp. Feehan) 59.52; 2. Brenna Melanson (Reading) 1:00.18; 3. Kaila Greene (Seekonk) 1:00.33; 4. Helen Smith (Mt. Alvernia) 1:01.11; 5. MacKenzie Niness (NDA-W) 1:01.31.

100 breaststroke

1. Taylor Ellis (NDA-H) 1:05.29; 2. Andrea Gauvin (Bp. Stang) 1:08.12; 3. Elizabeth Rose (Bp. Stang) 1:08.39; 4. Kasey Lamb (Reading) 1:08.39; 5. Maddison Garber (Milford) 1:10.89.

400 freestyle relay

1. Bishop Feehan (Caroline Caprece, Maddie Myers, Caroline Steiner, Marisa Reidmeister) 3:39.38; 2. Reading (Alex Bosley, Erin Daly, Amanda Adreani, Brenna Melanson) 3:42.30; 3. Westwood (Kate Vanasse, Jessica Ovalle, Bridget Burke, Maddie McDonald) 3:47.14; 4. Notre Dame – Hingham (Kyra Pellant, Julie Coen, Danielle Healy, Taylor Ellis) 3:47.76; 5. Bishop Stang (Kirby Roberts, Kaya Flanagan, Nicole St. Martin, Maria Lopez) 3:51.98.


1. Bishop Feehan 363.50; 2. Reagin 319; 3, Bishop Stang 255.50; 4. Notre Dame – Hingham 193; 5. Westwood 170; 6. Sandwich 156; 7. Belmont 136; 8. Seekonk 134; 9. Milford 94; 10. Wakefield 84.