Recap: No. 3 BC High 13, No. 5 CM 0

WEST ROXBURY, Mass. –- Jackson Bockhorst booted two 30-plus-yard field goals and Luke Catarius added a 1-yard rush to lead the BC Eagles over host Catholic Memorial 13-0 to capture the Catholic Conference title on Thanksgiving morning.

“This was a great win,” said BC High coach Jon Bartlett. “We came in saying bend but don’t break. They’re going to get some yards, but and the end of the day the only thing that matters is the scoreboard.”

BC scored on their first possession with a 31-yard field goal from Bockhorst. CM then went three-and-out and BC converted one first down on the following possession, but a failed fair catch by Catholic Memorial at their 20 gave Bockhorst enough room for a 35-yard field goal to put the Eagles up 6-0 with 8:11 left in the second quarter.

Early in the fourth quarter, CM stopped BC High on the BC High 14. After three plays, it was 4th and 2 on the 22. A.J. Doyle took the ball from under center and made a dive forward, but linebacker John Snee and lineman Jaleel Johnson shot the A-gaps and stopped Doyle for no gain.

On the ensuing drive, CM had the Eagles on their heels with a third and four situation, and although Camren Williams stopped Deontae Ramey-Doe short of the first down, an unnecessary roughness penalty against CM for hitting Ramey-Doe after the play set up the first down. Catarius (12 rushes, 28 yards) took three straight rushes and the third got him into the end zone.

“I wanted, the ball, coach gave it to me and I knew the linemen were going to make the blocks,” Catarius said. “Bartley gave me the ball, we put it in and it was just a great feeling.”

CM made it 31 yards on the ensuing drive and Doyle was looking towards the end zone on second and five from the 27, but James Moynohan came up with his second take away of the day, this an interception for a touchback with 2:10 left, affording BC High with the opportunity to run out the clock.


After the game, the injured Preston Cooper led the BC High Eagles across the red CM emblem to shake hands. He says that even though he is not playing, his teammates have helped make it easier by being encouraging.

“They’ve been great to me, supporting me throughout my injury, so I am happy for them," Cooper said. "I’m going to be there to support them no matter what.”After the game, in the team’s huddle, they gave a chant in his honor.


Moynahan came up with the interception late in the game, but it was very deliberate.

“Coach said watch the rear route, which he ran," Moynahan said. "Coming out, I figured they’d were going to run the exact same play so I just went to the corner of the end zone, he threw it up and I just tried to out jump him.”

Moynahan’s first take away on the morning was a failed fair catch by Catholic Memorial with 9:09 to go in the second quarter.

“Coach always said get to the ball and stay in front of it,” added Moynahan. “That’s just what I was trying to do."


At 6-foot-4, 215 pounds, A.J. Doyle usually had his way in between the tackles, muscling for a yard or two almost at will. On fourth and inches, Snee and Johnson split the center, clogging the A gaps and, along with Jameson McShea and other Eagles, stopped Doyle from the first down and set up the Knights’ sole touchdown on the day.

“I knew [Snee] was going to shoot the other side, I pinched in, grabbed his legs and then everyone came in and ran him over,” Johnson said.


Six-foot-three, 210-pound junior kicker Jackson Bockhorst got three calls to put it between the posts and he answered them all.

“In practice, he’s been working everyday getting better and better the whole season,” Ramey-Doe said. “[Today] was just like practice for him.”


Although it doesn’t appear in the box score, Ramey-Doe’s 23 rushes for 100 yards were key for the Eagles, and even topped the Knights’ 90 total yards during the game.

“The [offensive] line, they’re always doing their job. I just have to follow them and trust the holes."

BC High -- 3 3 0 7 -- 13

CM -- 0 0 0 0 -- 0

1st quarter

BC – Jackson Brockhorst 31 FG

2nd quarter

BC – Jackson Brockhorst 35 FG

4th quarter

BC – Luke Catarius 1 run (Brockhorst kick)