Picked up pieces from BC High signing day

BOSTON -- Perhaps the busiest local school on Wednesday's National Letter of Intent signing day was BC High. Eagles athletes representing five different sports gathered to give their John Hancock's to athletic programs ranging from the D1 to D3 levels, from the Big East (UConn) to the Ivy League (Harvard, Penn and Yale) to artsy Boston-located schools (yes, indeed, Emerson College has athletics).

Here's a smattering of observations from a couple of Eagles gridiron standouts who put pen to paper after a Division 1 Super Bowl season:


On what led him to Harvard: “It’s was all about the coaching and how comfortable I felt there. It’s the family of the team that I felt in the locker room with them, compared to what I felt at BC, not that I didn’t feel welcomed, but it just wasn’t the place for me.”

On what impact former BC High teammate Obum Obukwelu had on decision: “I definitely talked to him during the process. I stayed with the family of an offensive tackle at the school, but when I was there for my official, I spent a lot of time with Obum, coming from BC High, he’s one of my good friends. I’ve spent a lot of time with him there and he loves it. He had a big influence on me, but mainly it was my family and going to the UPenn game, when I got to see them raise the Ivy League championship trophy, that was a deciding factor. … I wanted to be a part of that.”


On whether his and WR Gordon McLeod's commitment was coincidence: “No, we didn’t plan that together, not at all. But to have that connection going into college, that’s going to be amazing. To have the last four years together, and he’s one of my best friends on the team, that’s just going to translate into a better chemistry at the next level.”