Change coming for Boston City League hoops?

Per a source, in an email forwarded to ESPNBoston.com this afternoon, the Boston City League is considering changing up the structure of its current 15-team, two-division format for boys' basketball.

The current league format has teams split into North and South divisions. The new proposal on the table calls for the league to split into three divisions, based on strength of program.

Under the proposal, the new divisions would look like this:

Division A



East Boston

Madison Park

New Mission

Division B

Boston English



South Boston

West Roxbury

Division C




Latin Academy


Under the current format, the four City Championship berths are given to the top two teams in the North and South. This format would grant berths to the first and second place teams from Div. A and the division champions from B and C.

In addition to the eight home and away games that each team would be scheduled to play in its own division, teams from Division A would have three crossover games booked with teams from Division B, and two from Division C, for a total of 13 scheduled games.

Teams from Division B would have the three crossover games with teams from both Division A and Division C for a total of 14 scheduled games. Teams from Division C would have two crossover games with teams from Division A and three crossover games with teams from Division B for a total of 13 scheduled games.

All of these crossover games would be picked at random and would be for a two year home-and-away cycle. Each team would also be responsible to book enough extra games to meet Boston Public Schools Athletic Director Ken Still's minimum of 16 games on their schedule.