NCAA bans four summer league teams

Earlier today, a mere days from the first evaluation period for the month of July, the NCAA banned four summer league teams and the administrators running them from NCAA-certified summer events.

One of the four teams in question is the Springfield-based New England Playaz, run by T.J. Gassnola. ESPN's Dave Telep has more details on the ruling HERE, excerpted below:

According to emails obtained by ESPN, the NCAA feels it established a link between sports agent Andy Miller of ASM Sports Agency and the following travel team administrators and coaches: Matt Ramker, Florida Rams; TJ Gassnola, New England Playaz; Desmond Eastmon, World Wide Renegades; and Tony Edwards, SEBL All-Stars.

The NCAA alerted the persons in question, teams and directors of certified summer events that should the Florida Rams, New England Playaz, World Wide Renegades and SEBL All-Stars be allowed to participate, the event operators may be in violation of the NCAA basketball event certification requirements.

The memorandum states that Gassnola, Eastmon and Ramker "cannot be involved with the team in any capacity." Their teams will not be allowed to operate under their established team names, use the same uniforms or gear or provide lodging, meals or transportation by any of the three named individuals.

What does this mean for the athletes involved? Telep points out two different paths:

The NCAA, in their email to event operators, noted that eligibility of prospects to participate in an NCAA-certified event has not been impacted. The ruling states that playing with the Florida Rams, World Wide Renegades and New England Playaz is prohibited. However, players from those teams are permitted to play in the events.

What this means is three of the teams would need to regroup, rename and distance themselves from the individuals in questions. The other option would be for the players to find new teams in order to compete.