Capital's Dukes: 'I'm going to win' at USC

Following his commitment to the University of Southern California this morning, Capital Prep (Conn.) point guard and Hartford resident Kahlil Dukes spoke with ESPNBoston.com for a few more comments:

Motivating factors for his decision today, after telling reporters yesterday he'd visit campus in September: "The head coach, Kevin O'Neill, spoke to my mom and my high school coach about it, just to make sure they know this is an environment where they want me, and went from there. Basically, I have an opportunity to play at the highest level and play alot of minutes for a school at the next level. They also have the degree I want to major in, which is cinematic arts, they have all that stuff on campus in LA."

What kind of film he's interested in: "I'm not sure yet what I'm interested in. I like comedies, I like action, but I think I like action more than comedy, I like all of the the special effects and stuff. I might want to do directing, I might want to write some. I don't know yet."

Motivating factors for him heading into July period: "I wanted to prove I can play at that level. I think I got there, I proved that I could do it. They noticed me at a time when I was working to make that goal happen."

Where he's improved the most since the end of high school season: "Being more efficent, making better decisions with the ball. I'm not just a scorer now, I think I do everyting pretty well. That's what I wanted to become."

His role at USC, and what they like most out of him: "A point that can score. They just like that I'm a killer. I'm going to go out there and score, get guys invovled, and I'm going to win. That's what they like about me. My scoring is kind of an NBA game."

Goals for his senior season: "Win a state championship. I want to have that at my school. Develop relationships with the coaches already on staff at USC. And have fun my senior year."