Williams: 'I've always loved Penn State'

On Monday morning, Archbishop Williams Class of 2015 forward Jaylen Williams verbally committed to play basketball at Penn State. ESPNBoston.com caught up with the 6’3 Easton native this afternoon to discuss her decision:

Why Penn State over Delaware and Ohio State, the other schools that were recruiting her: “Since I’ve been in eighth grade, they’ve been recruiting me and unlike most freshman going into their sophomore year girls, I’ve been visiting schools since I was nine and I’ve always loved Penn State.

How she has been visiting schools since she was nine: “Ever since my brothers have been going through the recruiting process, and the other coaches have heard that I’m pretty good at basketball, they invited me to go to schools, and that’s just how I started (visiting).”

If the Penn State coaches have told her what to improve on before she gets on campus: “They just say I’m going in the right direction. From the first time they saw me at the beginning of my eighth grade year until the end of my freshman year, they just say I’m going in the right direction and just to keep improving on what I’ve been improving on. They haven’t really given me a specific thing to improve on, just my all-around game.

If there is anything she wants to improve on: “I would prefer to have a better face-up game because right now I’m mainly in the post. But I’m improving very much on that, thanks to my coaches.”

How her brother Cam (incoming freshman linebacker at Ohio St. and Catholic Memorial grad) feels about his sister committing to a Big 10 school: “He was a little mad at first, but he’s proud of me and he’s excited that I’m getting my chance to go to a different school.”

If a sibling rivalry will develop since they are going to Big 10 Conference schools: “Yeah, kind of. He’s already trying to put the rivalry on me. He’ll say ‘Go Bucks!’ every once in a while when I’m talking about Penn State.”

How he helped her in the recruiting process: “He just gave his input on how he was in the recruiting process. Even though it’s a different sport, they’re also very alike, so he just gave his view on the whole process.”

If the negative attention surrounding the Penn State football program effected her decision to commit to the school at all: “I don’t think it really mattered for me because it’s a completely different sport. I still love the school. I love the basketball program, the academics, it didn’t really matter to me that the football program had such a bad break. It was sad, but it didn’t effect my decision.”