Costello: 'We have to stay focused'

Editor's note: Everett High's Matt Costello checks in with his fourth player diary installment. After taking the No. 1 spot in our poll from Xaverian with a 28-13 win over the Hawks, the Crimson Tide have another big one ahead with No. 10 BC High.

Matt CostelloAnother week of the football season has gone by. We are now 5-0 and hope to keep our streak going. Last Saturday, we faced off against Xaverian. It was a tough, physical game but we came out on top. It felt really good to play against a top-ranked team and go home with the W. We cannot allow one good win to get to our heads and ruin the rest of our season. We still have a big game coming up against BC High and we have to play all of our league games. In order to achieve our goal of an undefeated season and state championship, we are going to have to stay focused.

The game against Xaverian was an awesome game to be a part of. The rivalry between us and them has really grown during recent years. The game generates large crowds and a great amount of emotion. This year was no different. A large number of supporters showed up for the game including many former players. As a player, you begin to realize that you are playing for more than yourself. You see that football can be more than just a game even to those who are not playing.

The game itself turned out to be very physical. We knew we were going to have to play physical, especially on defense, if we wanted to win. We knew that we had to stop the run and try to keep their offense off the field. I think we did a pretty good job and we did not give up big plays. Offensively, we came out pretty strong but failed to finish our drives and put the ball in the end zone. We scored a touchdown right before the half but it was called back on a holding penalty, so the score was 6-0 going into halftime. We trailed 7-6 heading into the fourth quarter but we scored on our next drive. We never looked back from there and scored two more times before the game was over.

As I said before, we have to stay focused for the rest of the season. We want to keep our rank at No. 1 in the state and we want to win the Super Bowl. There is a long road ahead if we hope to achieve our goal. The road begins with BC High this Friday night. They are a good team that always comes to play. They have size upfront as well as some good skilled position players so we have to be at our best. The defense has to be on their toes ready to attack and the offense has to click on all cylinders. If we do not bring our A-game then we are not going to win.

BC High is another team that we have some history with. I will never forget when they beat us in the playoffs my sophomore year. That was probably the worst game of my career, and I use that memory to motivate me for the week. Also, this week was a short week for us because of the Friday night game, so it will be interesting to see how we respond as a team after having less time to prepare. Hopefully, it will not have any effect on us.

Even though the Xaverian and BC High games are important to us, they do not affect our season as far as the playoffs go. The most important games of the season are our league games which begin next week. After this week, we will really become focused on winning our league and getting to the playoffs.

But for now, our focus remains on getting the victory Friday Night.