New England Roundup: Maine

With spring season behind us, it's a good chance to get the thoughts of two spectacular Maine athletes: Cassidy Adams, who pitched Bucksport to its second straight Class C state title, and Foxcroft's Ryan Rebar, the state's Mr. Baseball.

MaineAdams has not lost a game since her sophomore season. She pitched all 20 games for Bucksport this year, and walked a total of four batters. In one game she struck out 19, out of 21 possible outs. She finished off the spring by shutting out Madison, 7-0, for the state title less than 24 hours after graduating from Bucksport.

Q: Coming into this season, you and your teammates were coming off an undefeated state championship season. Did you feel there was any pressure on you to do the same thing again?

A: "There was definitely some pressure on the returning players and new players this year to keep our season undefeated again along with making it to the state championship. A lot of people around town and other schools said we wouldn't do as well this year and go as far because we lost six seniors. Out of those seniors, five started and were our power hitters last year so we really needed to prove ourselves offensively."

Q: The game where you struck out 19 this season – what do you remember about that game?

A: "We were playing Dexter and they are one of the best teams we face during regular season. I know I threw a lot of rise balls because they couldn't hit it. I didn't realize I had that many strikeouts until after the game when coach told me, since I was just doing what I usually do. I just throw what pitches my coach and my catcher, Alanna, tell me to and if they hit it, I'm not worried because I trust my defense and I know they'll get it."

Q: You graduated from Bucksport the night before the state championship game. Obviously, that’s a lot to do in 24 hours. What were you like the day of the state final? Had you gotten a lot of sleep?

A: "After graduation, I had gone to dinner but went straight home and went to bed. I had been sick though out playoffs and was still sick so I made sure I got plenty of sleep for the next day. It had been hard to get sleep those last few weeks of school because I had school, softball, marching practice, and speech practice for graduation. That week was really busy for me. I was still sick, which I have now found out is a sinus infection, but I got plenty of rest and medicine into me that when it was game time, it didn't bother me much."

Q: You’re going to the University of New England. What made you choose that school?

A: "I had looked at several of the pharmacy schools in New England but I really liked how small UNE was and it was a beautiful campus. Another reason I chose UNE was that it was far away from home, but it was also close enough to come home if I wanted to."

Q: Bucksport had been a very strong team in Class B before moving to Class C. Did you look at some of those teams in Class A and Class B and wonder how you’d compete with them?

A: "During preseason and post season, we always play other teams that are usually in class A or B so we always get to compete with them and we always do well. We played a couple A and B teams this year and lost to one A team and tied Oceanside [winners of the Class B state title]. Last year, we won all our preseason games and this year in post season, we scrimmaged Bangor and won. It's always fun to play the teams in higher classes because we get told we only do so well since we're in class C, so we all get to prove ourselves."

Q: Has it hit you that your high school career is really over? What are your favorite softball memories?

A: "It hasn't really hit me that my high school career is over. I don't think it will until the banquet. My favorite memories are obviously the past two seasons where we won states and had the undefeated season but I really enjoyed just spending time with the girls. This year, our team was very close and we always would have fun in practice or when we would have team bonding. We went kayaking one time, which was a blast. Being able to play with such great girls and becoming friends the past two years and being coached by some of the best people have always been the greatest part of playing."

Ryan Rebar was good enough to be a dominant player on a Foxcroft football team that won the Class C state championship this fall, and win the state's Mr. Baseball award. In between, he starred on the basketball court this winter. On the diamond this spring, Rebar was 6-1 with a 1.02 ERA, and hit .339 with 12 stolen bases.

Q: What made you want to play three sports in high school? Did anyone ever suggest that you just concentrate on one sport?

A: "Growing up in a small town there was a always a lot of free time. Thankfully I got involved with sports and spent a lot of time with friends and family playing just about everything. I wanted to stay busy entering high school and playing three sports a year was great and fun for me. My Father and Mother enjoyed watching me play so I wanted to give them plenty opportunities too! Both my parents encouraged me to play three sports."

Q: In an interview after you won Mr. Baseball, you mentioned that you struggled at the plate when you were younger. How would you compare yourself as a hitter then to yourself as a hitter now?

A: "My younger years I wanted to hit anything that my bat could reach. The biggest thing I've noticed since then is developing patience and having the right approach when about to hit. Knowing the pitcher and their tendencies and making sure you aren't going to help them out is where I improved the most."

Q: What made Husson the right place for you? Was it the chance to play football and baseball in college?

A: "I loved the what Coach [Gabby] Price and Coach [Jason] Harvey were about. I really wanted to keep the same mentality of when I was going into high school. I want to stay as busy as I can and ultimately work hard and have fun. I'm very excited to play both football and baseball for Husson."

Q: Your baseball team had that game against Hermon where Caleb Richard got beaned and the Hermon coach ended up being replaced late in the season. What was your team’s feeling on that whole situation?

A: "It was something that you hope won't happen again to any team out there. The overall feeling of the team initially was to see if Caleb was OK because he got drilled pretty good. But after that we wanted to move on from the situation and focus on our goal of getting to a state championship."

Q: Dover-Foxcroft is a small town, and it seems like sports are really big there. Does that make it kind of special to play at Foxcroft?

A: "Dover-Foxcroft is made up of great supporting people that love to come cheer on athletics. It's always great to see fans in the bleachers cheering and clearly into the game. Foxcroft is a special place to play and I'll never forget the countless memories made on the football field, baseball field, and basketball court."

Q: How do you feel about your high school career across all three sports? Do you have any regrets?

A: "I've experienced a lot during my career that a lot of high school players never experienced. I'm blessed and forever grateful to my coaches and teammates for always doing their best. We've won a state championship in football, made a terrific run in basketball to make it to the semifinals in the final year of the Bangor Auditorium, and won an Eastern Maine championship in baseball. I've had a very successful career at Foxcroft and am hopeful to keep experiencing success entering college."