Old school digs for Burke, Canton

In our ongoing series chronicling the latest uniform upgrades for area high school teams, today we present two throwback uniform sets -- one to our generation's childhood, one to our great-grandparents' childhood.

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First up is J.E. Burke, which is going uber-old school with these special uniforms they'll be rolling out against rival New Mission for their annual Thanksgiving Day matchup:

This has been a popular style in the Big Ten the last few years, with Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska doling out such designs. Burke head coach Byron Beaman reached out to folks at the Ipswich-based Team Jungle uniform company, and concocted the idea.

"I thought it would be cool to have them on the high school level," Beamon said. "Andy Williamson from Team Jungle out of Ipswich came by, and I told him what we wanted to do. He said they could do it."

Needless to say, it's going to be tough to top the Bulldogs' look on Turkey Day. That said, New Mission's brief history as an athletic program is sprinkled with game-day swagger, so we're sure athletic director Cory McCarthy will respond with something else in a game of one-upsmanship.


Meanwhile in Canton, head boys basketball coach Ryan Gordy tweeted this new uniform set, which has a very late-90's college basketball feel to it. Take note of the "Dogs" nickname running vertical, which draws resemblance to Arizona's iconic shorts. On the whole, the lettering on the front, combined with the color scheme, gives it a very Morris Peterson-era Michigan State feel.

What do you guys think? Is Burke's new uniform set the best yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below: