Bracketology: West playoff picture, Week 4

ESPNBoston.com presents the latest in our weekly Bracketology series, where we map out what the MIAA playoff picture would look like if playoffs started tomorrow. A reminder before reading: the Bracketology segment DOES NOT include teams who are currently in the playoff chase, as the top FOUR teams in Western Mass. will qualify for the playoffs.

For a reminder about point-system calculations, here is how the totals are added up for teams in Western Mass:

  • 16 Points for defeating a team more than two divisions higher (excluding mandated games)

  • 14 Points for defeating a team two divisions higher (excluding mandated games)

  • 12 Points for defeating a team one division higher (excluding mandated games)

  • 10 Points for defeating a team within your division, for defeating a team within your league (including mandatory crossovers), for defeating a team outside of Massachusetts

  • 8 Points for defeating a team in one division lower (excluding mandated games)

  • 6 Points for defeating a team in two divisions lower (excluding mandated games)

  • 4 Points for defeating a team in more than two divisions lower (excluding mandated games)

  • 2 Points for each of your opponent’s wins (a team you have defeated)

After adding up your team’s point total, divide the total number by the number of games your team has played.

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For a refresher on how the playoff system will work, check out our three-part "Taking the Field" series from the preseason HERE.

West Division 2

1. Westfield (3-0), 10.67 points

2. Springfield Central (2-1), 8 points

3. West Springfield (2-1), 7.33 points

T-4. Minnechaug (2-1), 6 points

T-4. Longmeadow (2-1), 6 points

Analysis: Straw poll: what offense is more intimidating, Westfield’s dominant rushing attack or Central’s passing game featuring star quarterback Cody Williams? We won’t find out that answer until October 1st, but for this weekend Westfield will go on the road to take on a hungry Minnechaug team, while Central will travel to Longmeadow on Friday night.

West Division 4

1. Agawam (3-0), 14.67 points

2. Wahconah (4-0), 12.5 points

T-3. Chicopee (1-2), 3.33 points

T-3. Commerce (1-2), 3.33 points

T-3. Northampton (1-2), 3.33 points

Analysis: Division 4 West continues to be the state’s least exciting point standings race. Agawam and Wahconah have clearly separated themselves as the two top teams in the division, can they keep this momentum up for the rest of the season? Our bet would be yes, without thinking twice.

West Division 5

1. Hoosac Valley (4-0), 12.5 points

2. Mount Greylock (3-1), 10.5 points

3. Pittsfield (3-1), 8.5 points

4. Cathedral (2-1), 7.33 points

Analysis: It will be a battle of the unbeatens on Saturday when top-seeded Hoosac Valley travels to Wahconah, the second-seeded team in Division 4. Mount Greylock will be a motivated squad when they take on Drury on Friday, with a Hoosac loss Mt. Greylock could make up significant ground in the race for first place with another win.

West Division 6

1. McCann Tech (3-0), 12.67 points

2. Turners Falls (3-0), 12 points

T-3. Greenfield (2-1), 9.33 points

T-3. Ware (2-1), 9.33 points

Analysis: McCann Tech has outscored opponents 90-6 in three games played this year, but third-seeded Ware will looking for an upset when they host the Hornets on Friday night. Turners Falls, if they can get past Athol on Friday, would take over the number-one seed if Ware can knock off McCann Tech.