Bracketology: South Playoff Picture, Week 8

ESPNBoston.com presents the latest in our weekly Bracketology series, where we map out what the MIAA playoff picture would look like if playoffs started tomorrow. A reminder before reading: the Bracketology segment DOES NOT include teams who are currently in the playoff chase, as the top EIGHT teams in North/South will qualify for the playoffs.

For a reminder about point-system calculations, here is how the totals are added up for teams in North/South:

  • 12 Points for a win over a team in a higher division

  • 10 Points for a win over a team in the same division, or a win over a team from outside the North or South (including out-of-state opponents*)

  • 8 Points for a win over a team in a lower division

  • 3 Points for every win an opponent that you have beaten has

  • 1 Point for every win an opponent that you lost to has

After adding up your team’s point total, divide the total number by the number of games your team has played.

In this projection we simply put a star (*) next to the automatic qualifiers within the top eight of each region.

For a view of the MIAA league tiebreakers that came out last week, CLICK HERE.

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For a refresher on how the playoff system will work, check out our three-part "Taking the Field" series from the preseason HERE.

Division 1 South

1. Xaverian (5-1), 15.83 points

2. Bridgewater-Raynham (4-2). 14.17 points

3. Attleboro (5-1), 14 points

4. BC High (4-2), 12.67 points*

5. Weymouth (4-2), 10.83 points*

6. Catholic Memorial (2-4) 10 points

7. Brockton (3-3), 9.83 points

8. Newton North (2-4), 8.33 points

Analysis: Xaverian and Bridewater-Raynham have a tight hold on the top two seeds, but that being said, a lot could change in Division 1 South this weekend—especially with Xaverian visiting BC High on Friday night. Attleboro will have a huge game with King Philip this weekend, with the winner putting in a bid for the second automatic qualifier seed in the Hockomock Kelley-Rex.

Division 2 South

1. Mansfield (6-0), 21.67 points*

2. Barnstable (5-1), 19.83 points

3. Natick (6-0), 17.17 points

4. King Philip (5-1), 16.17 points

5. Needham (5-1), 14.83 points*

6. Duxbury (4-1), 13.8 points

7. Marshfield (4-2), 11.33 points

8. Wellesley (3-3), 8.83 points

Analysis: Mansfield has really emerged as the top team in what is an absolutely loaded Division 2 South. Barnstable, winner of five straight, is starting to creep up though—they’ll have Dartmouth visiting this weekend. Needham is the other automatic qualifier, them and Weymouth have each clinched an automatic seed in the Bay State Carey.

Division 3 Southeast

1. Plymouth South (4-1), 16.4 points

2. Plymouth North (4-2), 11.67 points

T-3. Dighton-Rehoboth (4-2), 11.5 points

T-3. Silver Lake (4-2), 11.5 points

5. Dartmouth (3-3), 11 points

6. Nauset (3-3), 9.67 points

7. Somerset-Berkley (3-3), 7.83 points*

8. Pembroke (1-4), 6.4 points

Analysis: Surprisingly, Somerset-Berkley is the only team in the pool of automatic qualifiers in Division 3 SE at this point in time—though that will change a little after this weekend. Dartmouth will travel to Barnstable on Friday, while Somerset-Berkely will host Bishop Stang. Silver Lake, only playing six games, has concluded their regular season.

Division 3 Southwest

1. Oliver Ames (6-0), 16.67 points*

2. Hopkinton (4-2), 13.33 points

3. North Attleboro (3-3), 12.33 points

4. Stoughton (5-1), 12 points

5. Walpole (4-2), 11.17 points

6. Milton (3-3), 9.5 points

7. Hingham (2-4), 8.17 points

8. Medfield (3-3), 7.83 points

Analysis: Stoughton will need to beat Foxoboro this weekend in order to put themselves in the pool of automatic qualifiers—with Oliver Ames already locking up the Hockomock Davenport championship given the fact that they’ve beaten Foxboro and Stoughton already. Figuring out the Bay State Herget qualifiers has the potential to be messy this weekend—Milton, who beat Walpole and lost to Natick, could have their fate decided for them if they can’t get past Wellesley on Saturday. Walpole will host Natick on Friday night.

Division 4 South

1. Westwood (5-1), 19.5 points*

2. Holliston (6-1), 14.86 points*

3. Norton (5-1), 14.83 points*

4. Dennis-Yarmouth (4-2), 14.67 points

5. Scituate (5-1), 14.17 points*

T-6. Apponequet (5-1), 13.83 points

T-6. Medway (3-3), 13.83 points

8. Hanover (3-3), 12 points

Analysis: Westwood, Holliston, Norton, and Scituate have all locked up automatic qualifier status, with Norton traveling to fellow 5-1 team Millis-Hopedale this weekend—the winner will take away the Tri Valley Small title. Westwood will travel to Hopkinton this weekend, while Scituate will head to North Quincy. Holliston has concluded their regular season schedule.

Division 5 South

1. Old Rochester (6-0), 17.17 points

2. East Bridgewater (5-1), 16 points

3. Abington (5-1), 14.83 points

T-4. Cardinal Spellman (5-1), 14 points

T-4. Rockland (4-2), 14 points

6. Greater New Bedford (3-3), 11 points

7. Seekonk (4-2), 10.33 points

8. Dover-Sherborn (3-3), 9.83 points

Analysis: With East Bridgewater traveling to Abington on Friday, there will be plenty to be decided in the South Shore Large this weekend to decide the logjam at the top including Abington, EB, and Rockland. Cardinal Spellman will play Austin Prep on Saturday, the winner would in turn pick up the second automatic qualifier seed in the Catholic Central Large.

Division 6 South

1. Millis-Hopedale (5-1), 16.33 points*

2. Cohasset (5-1), 15.83 points*

3. Diman (5-1), 15.33 points

4. Bristol-Plymouth (5-1), 15 points

5. Pope John Paul (4-2), 14 points

6. Blue Hills (4-2), 13.83 points

7. Mashpee (4-2), 12.17 points*

8. Bishop Connolly (4-2), 12 points

Analysis: Millis-Hopedale will play the rest of their season without star lineman Jon Baker, who will have season-ending knee surgery. That being said, Millis-Hopedale will have no time to fret, they’ll take on Norton this weekend for a chance at the Tri Valley Small crown if they can pull off the win.